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Digital Archiving Policy


To ensure the long-term preservation, usability, and accessibility of content, JMARMCD implements a comprehensive Digital Preservation Policy.

Principles of Digital Archiving

Intellectual Property: JMARMCD respects the intellectual property rights of authors and seeks prior consent while providing access to digital materials. Access: The primary goal of digital preservation is to ensure long-term access to digital collections. Authenticity: Data integrity is preserved to ensure that the original data remains unaltered.

Challenges in Digital Data Preservation

Technological Factors: Challenges related to hardware, system software, application software, data and file formats, storage media readers, and drivers. Metadata: Lack of metadata may lead to difficulty in locating and interpreting information. Media Stability: Digital records stored on unstable media may deteriorate over time, making them inaccessible. File Format Compatibility: Incompatibility of file formats, especially for older software, can pose preservation challenges. Disasters: Natural calamities or equipment failures may lead to data loss. Identification and Description: Poorly identified and described digital records may hinder user access.

Benefits of Digital Preservation

Ensures Availability: Preservation safeguards research from becoming extinct, even in the event of journal discontinuation. Self-Archiving Rights

JMARMCD authors retain full copyright and self-archiving rights.

Authors are permitted to archive their articles in open access repositories as “pre-prints.”

Note: The above policies apply solely to Journal of M Abdur Rahim Medical College (JMARMCD).