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Publishing Ethics


The publication process of MARMCJ involves conscientious, systematic, and comprehensive practices by publishers and editors to maintain high ethical standards in publishing quality research. We strive to collaborate closely with journal editors, authors, and peer-reviewers to ensure the transparency and integrity of the publication process. Our ethics statement is based on guidelines by the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE) Code of Conduct, available at www.publicationethics.org.

Key ethical responsibilities for all parties involved in the publishing process at MARMCJ are as follows:

MARMCJ Editors’ Responsibilities

1. As editors, we make crucial decisions on all peer-reviewed submissions for publication.

2. We prioritize transparency, adhere to ethical standards, and are ready to publish retractions, rectifications, or errata when necessary.

3. Manuscripts are evaluated based on scientific quality and intellectual content without discrimination of race, gender, origin, or religion of the author(s).

4. Confidentiality of submitted manuscripts is strictly maintained until publication.

5. We are committed to promoting research integrity and promptly investigate any suspected misconduct.

MARMCJ Reviewers’ Responsibilities

1. Reviewers provide detailed, constructive, and unbiased evaluations of the scientific content in a timely manner.

2. They assess the relevance, clarity, originality, and accuracy of the work.

3. Confidentiality is maintained throughout the review process.

4. Reviewers must disclose any financial or personal conflicts of interest and decline to review manuscripts with potential conflicts.

5. Ethical concerns regarding submitted manuscripts, such as treatment of animal or human subjects or substantial similarities with previously published work, are communicated to the journal editor.

MARMCJ Authors’ Responsibilities

1. Authors must ensure that their work is original and free from plagiarism.

2. The manuscript should not have been published elsewhere or simultaneously submitted to other journals.

3. Any potential conflict of interest must be acknowledged.

4. Proper acknowledgments and permissions should be provided for any content used from other sources.

5. Only individuals who have substantially contributed to the research and preparation of the manuscript should be listed as ‘Authors.’

MARMCJ Publishers’ Responsibilities

1. MARMCJ collaborates with journal editors to define their roles and ensure appropriate publication procedures and editorial decisions.

2. We maintain the integrity, autonomy, and originality of each published article concerning funding, ethics, conflicts of interest, confidentiality, authorship, article modifications, and timely publication.

At MARMCJ, we are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of ethical conduct in all aspects of the publishing process.