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July 2023 Vol 16 No 2


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2023: Alarming Rise of Dengue in Bangladesh Needs Urgent Multisectoral Action

*Dr. Anika Farha,
Email: anikafarhabidita@gmail.com

113 - 114

Original Contribution

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Level of Preventive Awareness on Diabetes Mellitus among the Diabetic Outpatient 115 in a Tertiary Level Hospital of Dhaka

*Rahman MM (Email: sujan.smc@gmail.com), Juie BA, Arif MA, Yasmin F, Rahman A, Parveen T6

115 - 120

A Comparative Study on Outcome between Pregnant Woman with GDM with Obesity and Pregnant Woman with GDM without Obesity

*Asma K (Emial: khaledaasma84@gmail.com),1 Khan MS,2 Begum A,3 Khan F,4 Mollah MS 5

121 - 127

Knowledge and Practice of Health Care Personnel on Medical Waste Management at Primary Care Level of Northern Bangladesh

*Sen SK (Email: drsubratakumersen@gmail.com),1 Intekhab AN,2 Rahaman MS,3 Rehana Z,4 Yasmin N5

128 - 134

Relation of Serum Vitamin D Level with Parkinson’s Disease

*Saiduzzaman M (Email: munnam37@gmail.com),1 Bhattacharjee M,2 Popy NN,3 Losy SA,4 Bhuya SI,5 Linckon K6

135 - 140

Knowledge, Attitude and Practices of Breast Feeding and Weaning among Mothers of Children up to 2 Years Old in a Rural Area

Rehana Z (Email: Zeenatrehana1967@gmail.com),1 Samad MS,2 *Farha A,3 Sen SK4

141 - 148

Serum Electrolytes and Ovarian Hormones Levels in Young Unmarried Women with Premenstrual Syndrome

RajiaJ,1 Begum M,2 Rahman F,3 Farid F,4 Ahmad F,5 *Nurunnabi M6 (Email: nur.somch@gmail.com)

149 - 154

Clinical and Biochemical Correlation of Microalbuminuria in Rheumatoid Arthritis Patients

*Saiduzzaman M (Email: munnam37@gmail.com),1 Islam MA,2 Rahman MS,3 Rahman MM,4 Haque MM,5 Islam MM,6 Hossain MA,7Alam MK8

155 - 160

Radiological Study of Anatomical and Gender Variations of Maxillary Sinus in Adults

Fardaus L (Email: laila.fardaus.ety@gmail.com),1 Anwar S,2 Rimi KR, 3 Das PK,4 Noor RI,5 *Farha A6

161 - 168

Radiological Analysis about Anatomical and Gender Variations of Frontal Sinus Parameters in Adults

Fardaus L (Email: laila.fardaus.ety@gmail.com),1 Anwar S,2 Rimi KR,3 Das PK,4 Noor RI,5 *Farha A6

169 - 176

Health Related Quality of Life of Parents Having Nephrotic Syndrome Children

*Parveen T (Email: tanzina.lizahaque@gmail.com),1 Pinki SS,2 Nahar K,3 Parveen T,4 Alam MR,5 Haque A,6 Abbas MG,7 Ara R8

177 - 186

Complimentary Feeding: Knowledge and Practices among Female Tea Garden Workers

Choudhury N (Email: nusrat@gmail.com),1 Islam MA,2 Hossain KJ,3 Khan MH,4 Sultana H,5 Siddika MA,6 Jannat HT,7 *Abbas MG8

187 - 199

Effect of Smoking on Sustained Handgrip Test of Young Healthy Male Tobacco Smokers

*Tasnim R (Email: tasnimrukhsana@gmail.com),1 Alam KI,2 Akter S3

200 - 207

Effectiveness of Clonazepam on Sleep Quality on Maintenance Haemodialysis Patients

*Ahmed E (Email: estiak2018@gmail.com),1 Rashel AT,2 Ferdoush N,3 Nahar A,4 Paul TR,5 Nurunnabi M6

208 - 214

Association of Maternal Serum Nesfatin-1 Level with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) in a Tertiary Care Hospital

Wahid UA,1 *Islam MM (Email: ofuronto.shopno@gmail.com),2 Ferdoues T,3 Saha S,4 Rizwan A5

215 - 222

Case Report

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A 35 Year Old Female Presented with Solid Pseudopapillary Tumor of the Pancreas; Treated Successfully by Whipple’s Procedure

*Alam SI (Email: shoaebalam9@gmail.com),1 Rahman MM,2 Shuvo AA,3 Mansur A4

223 - 227

Letter To The Editor

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Single Dose of Prednisolone Can Cure Fever of Dengue in Short Time

*Rahman M (Email: mujib7@gmail.com.),1 Nazifa M2



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