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Journal’s Instructions


The journal adheres to ethical publishing practices and provides detailed information about its submission, editorial, and publishing processes, as well as guidelines for authors and reviewers. All parties involved in the publishing process are informed about their rights and responsibilities to ensure a smooth and ethical publication process. For more details on each policy, please visit the following subsections.

1. Authorship Policy

Authors must have made substantial intellectual contributions to the research and article writing, and they must approve the final version for publication. Contributions should be acknowledged in the “Acknowledgements” section for individuals who do not meet authorship criteria.

Changes to authorship during or after peer review require confirmation from all named authors, along with a reason for any additions/removals.

2. Authors’ Warranties

Authors must ensure that their manuscript is original, not under consideration or published elsewhere, and free of abusive, defamatory, or illegal content.

Non-compliance with these conditions will be considered misconduct and may lead to appropriate actions.

3. Peer Review Policy

Submissions are checked for suitability upon receipt, and those within scope and quality are sent for external peer review.

Authors may suggest reviewers, but the Editor-in-Chief reserves the right to select appropriate reviewers.

The journal employs single-blind peer review, where author names are revealed to reviewers, but reviewer names are withheld from authors.

The final decision on acceptance, minor/major revisions, or rejection is made by the Editor-in-Chief based on reviewer recommendations.

4. Author Appeals

Authors may appeal a rejection decision by emailing the Editor-in-Chief or the publisher, providing clear justification for the appeal.

Appeals are considered by a member of the Editorial Board not involved in the original decision.

5. Supplemental Information

The journal accepts supplementary files supporting the article but does not formally review them.

Authors take full responsibility for supplemental information, and a disclaimer stating its non-review status must be included.

6. Data Sharing

Authors are encouraged to archive and share their data in suitable repositories to promote knowledge dissemination and reuse.

7. Permissions

Authors must obtain permission for reproducing previously published or created content.

8. Conflict of Interest

Authors, reviewers, and editors must declare any conflicts of interest that may affect their judgement during the publication process.

9. Plagiarism and Copyright Infringement

Authors are responsible for ensuring their work is unique and properly attributed. The journal checks for plagiarism using Crosscheck/iThenticate.

10. Editorial Independence

Editors have the right to select and make publishing decisions independently, without external influence.

11. Editorial Responsibilities

Editors ensure confidentiality, unbiased judgements, and timely decisions. They are responsible for the appointment of the Editorial Board.

12. Open Access

The journal is published under an Open Access license, enabling unrestricted sharing and reuse of content.

13. Corrections

Errors discovered after publication will be corrected with an erratum, retraction, or in-line correction.

14. Misconduct

The journal follows COPE’s recommendations on ethical policies and handling misconduct cases.

15. Complaints

Complaints should be directed to the publisher in the first instance, and they will be addressed accordingly.

Note: The above policies are applicable to Journal of M Abdur Rahim Medical College (JMARMCD) Publications.